Portraits of American Life Study
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The PALS seeks to understand the impact of religion in everyday life, and ultimately the connections between religious change and other forms of change among diverse individuals and families over the course of their lives.

The Kinder Institute for Urban Research announced the 2010 PALS National Undergraduate Student Paper Competition Winners. The judges extend “congratulations” to the winning authors and would like to thank all the entrants for their participation.

Undergraduate Student Winners 2010

Daniel J. Della Posta
The University of Chicago 

1st Place - $500 prize
“Think Globally, Preach Locally: How Religious Leaders Influence Attitudes and Beliefs at the Individual Level”
This study looks at the mechanisms with which religion influences attitudes and worldviews at the individual level, theorized in terms of Pierre Boudieu’s concepts of symbolic capital and symbolic power.

Elissa Silverman
Lehigh University 

2nd Place - $300 prize
“The Faith in Knowledge: Unhealthy Religious Respondents Will Accept Cloning as a Cure”
This study focuses on persons who consider themselves extremely religious and whether or not their health status correlates with their opinions about stem cell research and cloning.

Christina Rojas
Rice University 

3rd Place - $100 prize
“Conceptualizing the Depressed: An Examination of Significant Indicators”
This research conducts a comprehensive examination of the significance of several indicators of major depression among U.S. adults.

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