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The PALS seeks to understand the impact of religion in everyday life, and ultimately the connections between religious change and other forms of change among diverse individuals and families over the course of their lives.

Re-contact Strategy, 2008

In Wave 1 of 2006, questions regarding the respondent's congregation were omitted if the respondent considered oneself currently not involved in, affiliated with, or a member of a religious congregation, as determined by variable ca_1. However, subsequent analysis showed that many of these persons did attend worship services frequently. In 2008, a re-contact strategy attempted to reach the 522 respondents who, in 2006, were not involved in, affiliated with, or a member of a religious congregation but attended religious worship services at least several times a year. While attempting to reach all 522 respondents, 151 were interviewed by telephone or online survey in Sept.-Oct., 2008. Their responses were incorporated into the Wave 1 data set. Those cases are flagged with the variable i_1.

The following variables have their Wave 1 missing values replaced with available data from the 2008 re-contact strategy for the 151 cases flagged by i_1.

art_2 art_8a  ne_21_6 ne_43_2
art_3 ne_6_1 ne_22_5 ne_44
art_4 ne_6_2 ne_22_6 vo_4_4
ca_7 ne_6_3 ne_23_5 vo_5_4
ca_8 ne_6_4 ne_23_6 vo_6_4
ca_12 ne_6_7 ne_24_5 vo_7_4
ca_13 ne_6_8 ne_24_6 vo_8_4
ca_14 ne_8_1 ne_25_5  
ca_15 ne_8_2 ne_25_6  
ca_16 ne_8_3 ne_26_5  
ca_17 ne_8_4 ne_26_6  
ca_18 ne_8_7 ne_28_5  
ca_19 ne_8_8 ne_28_6  
ca_20 ne_27_1 ne_29_5  
ca_21 ne_27_2 ne_29_6  
ca_22 ne_27_3 ne_30_5  
ca_23 ne_27_4 ne_30_6  
ca_24 ne_27_5 ne_31_5  
ca_25 ne_27_6 ne_31_6  
ca_25_s ne_27_7 ne_32_5  
ca_26 ne_27_8 ne_32_6  
ca_26_s ne_10 ne_33_5  
ca_27 ne_11 ne_33_6  
ca_27_s ne_12_5 ne_34_5  
ca_33 ne_12_6 ne_34_6  
ca_28 ne_13_5 ne_35_5  
ca_29 ne_13_6 ne_35_6  
ca_30 ne_14_5 ne_36_5  
ca_31 ne_14_6 ne_36_6  
ca_32 ne_15_5 ne_37_5  
ca_32a ne_15_6 ne_37_6  
ca_32b ne_16_5 ne_38_5  
ca_34 ne_16_6 ne_38_6  
ca_35 ne_17_5 ne_39_5  
ca_36 ne_17_6 ne_39_6  
ca_37 ne_18_5 ne_40_4  
ca_38 ne_18_6 ne_40_5  
ca_39 ne_19_5 ne_41_3  
ca_41 ne_19_6 ne_41_4  
ra_20 ne_20_5 ne_42_2  
hm_34 ne_20_6 ne_42_3  
art_8 ne_21_5 ne_43_1  


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