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GlobalPlus sponsors public seminars bringing together international scholars and journalists for in-depth conversations on critical issues in religion in cities throughout the world. The seminars are a collaboration of ARDA with the International Association of Religion Journalists.

The ARDA's YouTube Channel - The challenges to religious freedom throughout the world

October 9, 2019, Kern C. Garner Policy Institute, University of Utah
A renowned scholar on religious freedom and two prominent international journalists on the front lines engage in a compelling conversation on the threats to free expression of faith in an age when religious minorities are in particular peril. Roger Finke, Distinguished Professor of Sociology, Religious Studies, and International Affairs at Pennsylvania State University, provides an overview of the latest research, while Uday Basu, coordinating editor of The Statesman in India, and Indeewari Amuwatte, a broadcast journalist and news anchor at Ada Derana 24 in Sri Lanka, discuss the situation in their nations.

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The ARDA's YouTube Channel - The tangled web of religion, history and politics in Eastern Europe

June 13, 2019, University of Warsaw, Poland
Eastern European scholars explore the dynamic role of religion in public life and politics in the region. Polish historian Christopher Garbowski of Maria Curie-Skłodowska University examines the changing role of the Catholic Church; Bulgarian scholar Ina Merdjanova, senior researcher at Trinity College Dublin, looks at efforts to address enduring conflicts in the Balkans; and sociologist and social anthropologist Malgorzata Glowacka-Grajper of the University of Warsaw discusses the role of memory in understanding contemporary Poland.

The ARDA's YouTube Channel - How Religion and Science Can Work Together For the Common Good

March 27, 2018, Pennsylvania State University
What happens when you bring together respected social scientists who for many years have gathered significant data on the relationship between science and religion? A humble dialogue offering new pathways to cooperative efforts on issues from evolution and climate change to eradicating disease. Three top researchers at the intersection of religion and science, Elaine Howard Ecklund of Rice University, Christopher P. Scheitle of West Virginia University and Jenny Trinitapoli of the University of Chicago share their groundbreaking findings.

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The ARDA's YouTube Channel - Islam and Democracy in Indonesia

Oct. 19, 2017 Universitas Multimedia Nusantara, Tangerang, Indonesia

Islam and Democracy in Indonesia Part 1

Islam and Democracy in Indonesia Part 2

Islam and Democracy in Indonesia Part 3

Maybe it is time to stop asking the question, frequently raised in the West, of whether democracy and Islam are compatible. The more universal, and salient question, appears to be how any democratic nation can preserve itself if freedom of belief is not protected. Three prominent national leaders explore the possible pitfalls confronting Indonesia, and what it takes for the country to stay true to the ideals of both Islam and democracy.

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