Community Profile Builder Overview Guide

This Guide is designed to assist church and community leaders in using the ARDA's online Community Profile Builder. The Guide offers directions for assembling social, economic, and religious information on your community and suggestions on how the information can be used.

When using or revising the Community Profile Builder Overview Guide, please credit the authors, Andrew Whitehead and Jennifer McClure, and the Association of Religion Data Archives ( The Community Profile Builder Overview Guide is intended for public use and is free of charge to download or redistribute.

Click on a link below to open or download the Guide.

Or, go directly to the Community Profile Builder.

Note: We recommend downloading the pdf version of the Guide, and working with the file online rather than a printed version. This allows you to access alll website links with a single click of the mouse. If you prefer to use the Word version, you must press and hold the “ctrl” button before clicking on website links.

Community Profile Builder In-Depth Guides
The ARDA also offers in-depth guides that focus on a specific aspect of a community, like housing, education, or income. These guides offer more detailed directions for exploring all of the data the ARDA has on a specific aspect of community life. There are in-depth guides for the following areas:

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