ARDA Working Papers Series

Working Papers Submission

To submit your paper to the ARDA Working Paper Series please email an electronic copy (in PDF format) to

It is the author's responsibility to ensure that the electronic copy is in the correct final form. Please see formatting information below.

Please format your submission as follows:

  • Provide a title page and abstract
  • Provide running headers that reflect the title
  • Include page numbers
  • Double-space text
  • Font size should be at least 11 point

  • In order to help us describe your paper and make it easier for readers to find papers in their area of interest, the following mandatory fields are required:

  • List of key words at the end of the abstract
  • For economics papers, please include JEL codes

    Acceptance Guidelines

    Series editors will have ultimate authority to determine whether a submission will be posted. But in order to foster the greatest exchange of ideas and data, editors will limit rejections to papers which either appear to disregard basic social scientific methodology or have no conceptual relevance to the study of religion.

    We especially encourage submissions from students.


    Accepted working papers will be available on in PDF format.

    Most economic journals do not consider working papers distributed via the Web to have been previously published. Other social scientific journals are more stringent in their requirements and may not review a paper which has appeared on an online Working Paper series. will alert readers that working papers are unpublished manuscripts and should not be cited without author permission.


    If your working paper is subsequently published, we will remove the paper from the series and replace it with a citation for the published version. You may request that your paper be removed at any time (in some cases this may be required upon submission). Please notify your series editor when your paper has been accepted.

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