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Frequently Asked Questions

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Browse dozens of topics and see reponses from major national surveys, demographic patterns, and changes over time!


Using the best available data, QuickLists provides data on American and international religion in rank order.

Sociology of Religion Searchable Biblographic Database

Searchable set of over 18,000 citations provided by Anthony J. Blasi (Ph.D. in Sociology, University of Notre Dame; University of Texas at San Antonio).

U.S. Congregational Membership Report

View maps and reports of the United States and individual states for hundred of variables, including congregational membership, census data, crime statistics and many others.

National Profiles

Offering information on most countries of the world, the profiles include data on religious adherents, religious freedoms, demographics, and other social measures for each nation and their region.

Site Tutorials

Use our Site tutorials to learn how to use the ARDA's tools and features to support your research.

Links for Researchers

Browse external resources such as research journals, scholarly associations and other data archives.

Religious Groups

Review the lineage and membership trends of over 600 religious groups, or view a religious family tree.

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