Contributor: Paul Matzko

Abernathy, Ralph
Backus, Isaac
Birch, John Morrison
Campolo, Anthony "Tony"
Criswell, W. A.
Davies, Samuel
Falwell, Jerry
Fosdick, Harry Emerson
Graham, William "Billy"
Hutchinson, Anne
Kennedy, Dennis James
LaHaye, Timothy "Tim"
Leland, John
Liele, George
Makemie, Francis
Mathews, Shailer
Mohler, Albert "Al"
Moon, Charlotte "Lottie"
Norris, John Frank
Occom, Samson
Piper, John
Randall, Benjamin
Rauschenbusch, Walter
Riley, William Bell
Robertson, Marion "Pat"
Rogers, Fred McFeely
Rushdoony, Rousas John
Russell, Charles Taze
Truett, George Washington
Whitefield, George
Williams, Roger
Events by Name
Adopting Act of Westminster Confession
Adrian Rogers Elected as President of the Southern Baptist Convention
American Bible Society Founded
American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions
Assemblies of God Founded
Baptist Bible Union
Baptist Missionary Association of America
Benjamin Randall Organizes the Free Will Baptists
Bible Baptist Fellowship
Bible Presbyterian Church
Billy Graham Holds First Integrated Crusade in Chattanooga, TN
Billy Graham's Los Angeles Crusade
Billy Graham's New York Crusade
Brown University
Conservative Baptist Association of America
Cooperative Baptist Fellowship
Cumberland Presbyterian Church
Election of Jimmy Carter
Eugene Peterson's The Message Published
Evangelical Presbyterian Church
Execution of Mary Dyer
First General Assembly of the PCUSA
First Ordained Southern Baptist Woman, Addie Davis
First Presbytery Formed in Philadelphia
Formation of the Alliance of Baptists
Formation of the Associate Reformed Presbytery, or "Seceders"
Free Will Baptists Founded in North Carolina
George Bourne Dismissed for His Opposition to Slavery
Gilbert Tennent Preaches "The Dangers of an Unconverted Ministry"
Hanover Presbytery Organized in Virginia
Harry Emerson Fosdick Preaches "Shall the Fundamentalists Win?"
Henry Dunster Becomes President of Harvard
Initiation of the Baptist Landmarker Movement
Jerry Falwell Helps Found the Moral Majority
Jonathan Edwards Preaches 'Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God'
Liberty University
Life of David Brainerd Published
Lottie Moon Sent to China as a Southern Baptist Missionary
Margaret Towner Ordained in PCUSA
Merger of UPCNA and PCUSA
Murders of Marcus and Narcissa Whitman
Nat Turner's Rebellion
National Association of Evangelicals Founded
National Association of Free Will Baptists
National Baptist Convention
New School-Old School Controversy Splits the General Assembly
Northern Baptist Convention
Ordination of Ruby Knapp Bixby by the Free Will Baptists
Philadelphia Baptist Association
Philadelphia Confession of Faith
Presbyterian Church v. Hull Memorial Presbyterian Church
Progressive National Baptist Convention
Publication of An Appeal to the Public for Religious Liberty
Publication of Scofield Reference Bible
Publication of Shailer Mathews's The Faith of Modernism
Ralph Elliott Fired in the "Genesis" Controversy
Reunification of New School and Old School Presbyterians
Rhode Island Royal Charter
Roger Williams Founds Providence, Rhode Island
Sarah Dickson Becomes First Female Presbyterian Elder
Scottish Covenanters Form First Presbytery in Pennsylvania
Signing of the American Baptist Bill of Rights
Silver Bluff Baptist Church
Southern Baptist Convention Founded
Synod of 1737 and the Old Side-New Side Controversy
The American Sunday School Union
The Cooperative Program Instituted in the Southern Baptist Convention
The First Great Awakening
The Plan of Union of 1758
The Primitive Baptists Coalesce
The Second Great Awakening
The Trial of Margaret Meuse Clay
Thomas Jefferson's Letter to the Danbury Baptists
Trial of Anne Hutchinson
Trial of Charles Augustus Briggs
Triennial Convention
University of Chicago
UPCUSA Confession of 1967
Virginia's Religious Disestablishment
The First Great Awakening
The Second Great Awakening

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