The Primitive Baptists Coalesce
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Daniel Parker
Time Period
1827  - 1832
The Primitive Baptists formed in reaction to the growth of Baptist denominationalism during the 1820s-30s. Centered in the central and southern Appalachians, the "anti-missions" movement that would become the Primitive Baptists found no scriptural warrant for the missions and tract societies that began to proliferate in the early nineteenth century as a result of the Second Great Awakening.

Some Primitive Baptists, like Daniel Parker, believed that organized missions were a futile endeavor given that all people were either elect or damned from birth and no human effort could change those outcomes. Others, like the Kehukee Association in North Carolina in 1827 and the Baltimore Association in 1832, believed in missions efforts, but eschewed the new "traveling beggars" as "emissaries and agents of antichrist" because they owed no loyalty to any particular local church.
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Primitive Baptist Church, Cades Cove- Flickr- photo by Andrew Kalat (CC BY-ND 2.0)

Daniel Parker portrait- Wikimedia Commons

'The Primitive Baptist' newspaper, first page- Internet Archive
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