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The Methodist Episcopal Church was founded at the Christmas Conference of 1784 as a response to the practical concerns of Methodists in the United States. Anglican ministers were the only ones allowed to administer the sacraments of baptism and holy communion, but since many left during the Revolutionary War, it became a problem for Methodist societies. Therefore, John and Charles Wesley "allowed" those in the United States to found the Methodist Episcopal Church and ordain their own ministers, despite initially being opposed the idea of separating from the Church of England. At this time, both Thomas Coke and Francis Asbury became ordained ecclesiastical leaders of the church.

The Methodist Episcopal Church would later experience tremendous growth due to the revivals of the Second Great Awakening.

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Asbury, Francis
Coke, Thomas

Ordination of Francis Asbury- Internet Archive- from The Heart of Asbury's Journal

Francis Asbury portrait- Internet Archive- from The Heart of Asbury's Journal

Thomas Coke portrait- Internet Archive- from The Life of the Rev. Thomas Coke by Jonathan Crowther
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