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Francis Asbury, the bishop and "father" of American Methodism, had traveled 300,000 miles, delivered 16,500 sermons, and ordained 4,000 preachers over his itinerant preaching career. After 55 years of service, however, his old age began to incapacitate him.

On March 24th, 1816, the father of American Methodism gave his last sermon in Richmond, Virginia. Due to weakness in his body, his friends had to carry him into the church, lift him onto the pulpit, and seat him on a table. Asbury often had to stop and catch his breath during his hour-long sermon.

A week later, his death became imminent at the Spottsylvania home of his old friend George Arnold. With loved ones surrounding him, Asbury lifted both hands to the sky and breathed his last breath.

Though American Methodism no longer had their renowned leader, the movement continued to flourish in the 19th century thanks to the foundation laid by Asbury.
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Asbury, Francis

House where Francis Asbury died- Internet Archive- from Francis Asbury by William Larkin Duren

Francis Asbury grave- Internet Archvie- from The Heart of Asbury's Journal

Francis Asbury's will- Internet Archive- from Francis Asbury, the Prophet of the Long Road by Ezra Squier Tipple

Francis Asbury statue- Library of Congress, LC-DIG-highsm-09622
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