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Seth C. Rees and Martin W. Knapp
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The Pilgrim Holiness Church came from the Holiness movement of the late-19th century and originally was a "prayer league," not a church. The International Holiness Union and Prayer League first formed in Cincinnati, Ohio in 1897. The group was led by evangelists Seth C. Rees and Martin W. Knapp, and they emphasized holiness, healing, evangelism, and premillennialism. It began to form into a denomination in 1913 and through various mergers it became the Pilgrim Holiness Church in 1922.

It would later merge with the Wesleyan Methodist religious body in 1968 to form the Wesleyan Church.
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Pilgrim Holiness church in Georgetown- Internet Archive- from Diary Letters by M. W. Knapp

Martin Wells Knapp portrait- Internet Archive- from A Hero of Faith and Prayer by A. M. Hills

Seth C. Rees portrait- Internet Archive- from Miracles in the Slums by Seth Cook Rees

Pilgrim Holiness Church, Arthur, Nebraska- Wikimedia Commons- photo by Ammodramus
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