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J.H. Hamblen
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Certain members within the Methodist Church were discontent with the perceived liberal tenets of the denomination. Some feared that the focus of the church had drifted more toward cultural salvation through social and educational reforms instead of salvation through the gospel.

In order to "preserve the distinctive Biblical doctrines of primitive Methodism," J.H. Hamblen and other former members decided to found the Evangelical Methodist Church following World War II in 1946. Originally based in Memphis, Tennessee, the denomination later absorbed some smaller conservative Methodist churches.

As of 2005, the Evangelical Methodist Church reported 7,348 members across 108 different churches.
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Evangelical Methodist Church, West Orange NJ- Wikimedia Commons- photo by Jim.henderson.JPG

J H Hamblen with Ezekiel Vargas- Wikimedia Commons- photo by Creton4
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