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During World War I, 68 dioceses along with some national Catholic organizations formed the National Catholic War Council. The organization had two primary purposes. First, it was an opportunity for the Catholic hierarchy to show their patriotism by supporting the American troops and boosting national morale. And second, it functioned as an attempt for Catholics to be united on a national level and insert themselves into national social concerns. American Catholic hierarchy had struggled in the late 19th century to achieve unity on a national level, so the National Catholic War Council was a major step toward establishing a national organization. John Burke, priest and editor of the Catholic World, headed the council.

The organization's success led to the National Catholic Welfare Council in 1919, which promoted Catholic interests and solutions with regard to broader social concerns.
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National Catholic War Council, overseas war workers unit- Hathi Trust- from They Shall Live Again by Marguerite T. Boylan
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