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Wesleyan College, located in Macon, GA, was the first women liberal arts college in the world. Chartered on December 23, 1836, it was originally known as the Georgia Female College and was non-denominational. However, the Methodist Episcopal Church acquired it in 1839, making Methodism the first denomination to offer a liberal arts education to women. The institution changed its name to Wesleyan Female College in 1843, and then it adopted its present name, Wesleyan College, in 1917.

The United Methodist Church continues its affiliation with Wesleyan today and has designated it a historic landmark.
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George Pierce, first president of Wesleyan Female College- Internet Archive- from The Life and Times of George Foster Pierce by George G. Smith

Wesleyan College Campus- Flickr- photo by Jennifer Pack (CC BY-NC 2.0)
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