Huston Smith Publishes The Religions of Man
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Renowned religion scholar Huston Smith (1919-2016) was an ordained Methodist minister who once wanted to be a Christian missionary but instead became an ambassador for the world’s faiths.

His landmark textbook, The Religions of Man, came out in 1958 and was expanded and renamed The World’s Religions in 1991. Hailed as "the most important book in comparative religious studies ever," it has sold more than three million copies and been a classroom staple for half a century.

During Smith’s experiential journeys, he practiced yoga with Hindus, meditated with Tibetan Buddhists, twirled with Sufi Islamic dervishes, chewed peyote with Mexican Indians and celebrated Shabbat with Jews. In 1996, Bill Moyers featured him in a five-part PBS series, "The Wisdom of Faith with Huston Smith." Smith once said his body was born a Methodist and would be buried a Methodist -- but "my soul cannot be confined to any human institution."
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