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George Beauchamp Vick
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The Bible Baptist Fellowship (BBF) was the result of a schism in the World Baptist Fellowship (WBF). Texas fundamentalist pastor J. Frank Norris had started the WBF after the Southern Baptist Convention forced him out of the denomination in 1924. Norris simultaneously pastored two churches in Detroit, Michigan and Dallas, Texas. He named his Detroit co-pastor, George Beauchamp Vick, to the presidency of the WBF's seminary, but fired him two years later in 1950. Vick, and other dissatisfied members of the WBF, formed the Bible Baptist Fellowship shortly thereafter.

The BBF, headquartered in Springfield, Missouri, is a loose association of independent Baptist churches. Currently, it is the largest association of independent Baptist churches in America, claiming some 1.2 million members. Its most famous member was Jerry Falwell, who remained part of the Fellowship even after joining the Southern Baptist Convention in 1996.
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Norris, John Frank
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