Phoebe Palmer Writes The Way of Holiness
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In the mid-1830s, after experiencing her own holiness conversion, devout Methodist Phoebe Palmer began holding weekly prayer meetings to share her testimony of a "shorter way" to experience a mystical sense of union with God and life of perfection. She began to promote this "higher life" among other Methodists.

In 1843, she came out with the first printing of her now-classic book, The Way of Holiness, which is still reprinted.

While originally recommended for female readers, the book’s popularity spread across genders and Christian denominations. The book is written in the third person, a pilgrim’s account of walking with God, of sanctification. The shorter way, she wrote, came "if she lived constantly in the entire surrender of all that had been thus dearly purchased unto God."
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Phoebe Palmer portrait- Internet Archive- from The Life and Letters of Mrs. Phoebe Palmer by Richard Wheatley
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