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Phineas Quimby
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The New Thought movement began in the mid-19th century as people began extolling a new way of thinking about the combined power of the mind and God to influence everything from healing to personal success. Phineas Quimby was one of the earliest and notable proponents of the movement.

The first national convention of New Thought groups was held in 1894. Gatherings continued over the years under various names. Then, in 1914, the International New Thought Alliance was formed in a major attempt at unifying these independent communities.

New Thought teaches that health and prosperity can be harnessed through God and "the creative power of constructive thinking." It embraces all spiritual paths, and believes that thoughts and attitudes shape the world. There are an estimated 160,000 adherents.

In addition to independent communities, the New Thought movement also helped give birth to the Unity Church, Religious Science and Christian Science.
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Eddy, Mary Baker

Phineas Quimby portrait- Internet Archive- from The Life of Mary Baker G. Eddy by Georgine Milmine

Unity School of Christianity in Unity Village, MO- Wikimedia Commons- photo by Newthoughtdocumentary (CC BY-SA 3.0)

Emma Curtis Hopkins portrait- Wikimedia Commons

A History of the New Thought Movement, title page- Internet Archive

Charles Brodie Patterson portrait- Internet Archive- from The American Monthly Review of Reviews, vol 25 (1902)
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