Riley, William Bell
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3/22/1861  - 12/5/1947
After graduating from Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in 1888 and holding several short-term pastorates, William Bell Riley became the pastor of First Baptist Church of Minneapolis, where he quickly stirred up controversy among his well-to-do parishioners by abolishing pew rents, adding revival services, and proclaiming a strictly fundamentalist theology from the pulpit. In response to the growth of theological modernism in the Northern Baptist Convention (NBC), Riley formed the World Christian Fundamentals Association in 1919 to unite fundamentalists from all denominations, recruited William Jennings Bryan to uphold Tennessee's anti-evolution law during the Scopes Trial of 1925, and founded Northwestern Bible School in Minneapolis. Shortly before his death in 1947, Riley successfully pulled the Minnesota Baptist Convention out of the NBC and appointed the then somewhat obscure evangelist Billy Graham as president of Northwestern.
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