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1880  - 1949
Alice Bailey (1880-1949) was born in England and moved to America with her husband, an Episcopal priest. In 1915, after the marriage failed, she was introduced to the Theosophical Society in Pacific Grove, Ca., and quickly embraced its teachings of reincarnation, karma, Spiritualism and occultism. She became editor of the society’s magazine, The Messenger.

In 1919, Bailey reported that a spiritual master had appeared to her and asked her to telepathically dictate his teachings. Soon she published the first of 19 books channeled by this master.

In 1920, she and her new husband, Foster Bailey, broke from the society and she began transmitting her channeled teachings to her own group of followers. In 1923, she founded the Arcane School in New York to teach meditation and spiritual development. Her writings popularized the term "New Age," and her mystical, esoteric teachings presaged the New Age Movement that emerged in the 1960s.
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Alice Bailey portrait- Wikimedia Commons
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