Prophet, Elizabeth Clare
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4/8/1939  - 10/15/2009
In 1974, a year after the death of her husband Mark Prophet, founder of the Summer Lighthouse, Elizabeth Clare Prophet (1939-2009) established the Church Universal Triumphant (CUT) in Southern California to incorporate the teachings of enlightened spiritual beings known as the Ascended Masters. Both she and her husband were considered messengers for these beings.

Decidedly New Age, CUT embraced an eclectic array of teachings from the world’s religions.

In 1986, Prophet moved CUT’s headquarters from California to a 28,000-acre ranch in Gardiner, Mont.

In 1990, after Prophet predicted an eminent nuclear attack, CUT took on a controversial, apocalyptic frenzy, amassing weapons and building fallout shelters. As many as 4,000 CUT followers flooded onto the ranch. Alarmed federal officials withdrew CUT’s tax-exempt status, but returned it after the church agreed to no longer store weapons.

Though her movement waned in later years, CUT and Summit Lighthouse continue to have a presence in Gardiner, Mont.
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Elizabeth Clare Prophet- photo by BlackSun at English Wikipedia

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Elizabeth Prophet in Ireland- photo by BlackSun at English Wikipedia
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