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12/18/1807  - 11/2/1874
Born into a devout Methodist family in New York, Phoebe Worrall Palmer became one of the most influential female religious leaders of the 19th century.

After suffering the death of three babies, Phoebe Palmer began to see the tragedies as God’s punishment for her lack of devotion. After much self-examination, she claimed to have discovered a "shorter way" to the mystic sense of union with God, or “Holiness.”

In 1835, she and her sister began holding weekly prayer meetings, first for women but later for prominent male theological leaders who endorsed her "way."

Spirit-filled meetings spread across the country, and Palmer is credited with converting thousands of men and women. Her lectures and writings (including her famed book The Way of Holiness) were a precursor for such Pentecostal-style denominations as the Church of the Nazarene, The Salvation Army and The Church of God.
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Phoebe Palmer portrait- Internet Archive- from The Life and Letters of Mrs. Phoebe Palmer by Richard Wheatley
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