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10/31/1739  - 7/24/1825
Joseph Pilmore converted to Methodism when he was 16 under the influence of John Wesley. He viewed the Methodist society as a group within the Church of England, not a separatist group.

After working the circuits in Cornwall and Wales for four years, he offered to serve as a Methodist missionary in America in 1769. Although Methodist societies already existed in America, he, along with Richard Boardman, were the first missionaries approved by John Wesley.

His time in America was very successful. Known as an aggressive evangelist, he helped grow Methodism in Philadelphia and peached at places in Delaware, New Jersey, Maryland, Virginia, and North Carolina. Moreover, he held the first Methodist Love Feast in America in 1770 at St. George’s Church in Philadelphia. Lastly, he attended the first Methodist conference in 1773 before returning to England with Richard Boardman in 1774.
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Joseph Pilmore portrait- Smithsonian American Art Museum, gift of International Business Machines Corporation

Joseph Pilmore portrait- Internet Archive- from The Heart of Asbury's Journal

Joseph Pilmore portrait 2- National Portrait Gallery Smithsonian Institution
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Bucke, Emory Stevens, 1964. The History of American Methodism. Nashville, TN: Abingdon Press.
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