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9/28/1839  - 2/17/1898
Frances Willard was a prominent social activist in the 19th century. She became involved in the Women’s Christian Temperance Union (WCTU) in 1874 when she began preaching at daily temperance meeting in Chicago. She gained prominence when she became secretary of the WCTU that year and later president in 1879, a position she held until her death in 1898. Through her role with the WCTU, she was able to promote a number of social reforms, including temperance, women’s suffrage, labor reform and home-centered family life. Although the WCTU allied with various churches, it was non-denominational and female-controlled. Some claim her "genius" derived from her ability to appeal to conservative notions of women’s domestic role while also espousing social reforms and the political role of women. In her later life, she promoted Christian socialism, making her a forerunner of the Social Gospel Movement.
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Frances Willard portrait- Library of Congress, LC-USZ61-790

Frances Willard portrait- Internet Archive- from The Life of Frances E. Willard by Anna Adams Gordon

Frances Willard bicycle- Internet Archive- from A Wheel within a Wheel by Frances E. Willard

Frances Willard portrait- National Portrait Gallery, Smithsonian Institution; gift of the National Women's Christian Temperance Union

Frances Willard statue- Architect of the Captiol, National Statuary Hall Collection
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