Jones, Robert "Bob"
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10/30/1883  - 1/16/1968
Robert "Bob" Jones converted to Methodism at age 11 and was licensed to preach by the Alabama Methodist Conference at age 15.

As an evangelist, he was concerned by the effects of modernism and sin on society. Conservative religious education, he presumed, would help counter the sin of secular society. As a result, he founded and became the first president of Bob Jones College in St. Andrews Bay, Florida, in 1926. Eventually, Bob Jones College changed its name to Bob Jones University and moved to Greenville, South Carolina, in 1947, where it currently resides.

His fundamentalist, conservative Christian university remains the hallmark of Bob Jones, Sr.’s career, though he also was influential in founding the National Association of Evangelicals in 1942 and the National Religious Broadcasters in 1944.
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Bob Jones portrait- Wikimedia Commons

Bob Jones bust- Wikimedia Commons- sculpture by Emery Bopp

Bob Jones and his wife- Wikimedia Commons
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