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1673  - 1746
William Tennent was an Irish-born (or Scots-born depending on the account) Presbyterian minister and educator. Arriving in the Pennsylvania colony in 1718, he later spent some time serving as a pastor in New York (1720-1727) before returning to Pennsylvania in 1727. In Bucks County, Pennsylvania, he created his famous "Log College," a religious school in a log cabin used to train Presbyterian ministers in North America. Because Presbyterian ministers typically had to be trained in Europe, the log college allowed for Presbyterians to be trained to America for the first time. It also allowed admission to lower-class individuals.

While William Tennent continued to run his Log College, he also engaged in Presbyterian affairs up until his death in 1746. He notably was involved in the Old Side/New Side controversy, siding with the New Side party along with his son, Gilbert Tennent.
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Log College- Internet Archive- from The Presbytery of the Log College by Thomas Murphy
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