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2/5/1703  - 7/23/1764
Gilbert Tennent was born in Ireland and immigrated to Pennsylvania with his family in 1718. As the oldest son of Presbyterian minister William Tennent, he graduated from and became actively involved in his father’s "Log College," which trained Presbyterian ministers in America. His religious zeal led him to become an active revivalist during the First Great Awakening. Prominent revivalist George Whitefield even sought him when he arrived in the Middle Colonies, referring to Tennent as "a son of thunder."

Both his involvement in the Log College and the First Great Awakening did not please more conservative Presbyterians, or "Old Side" Presbyterians. On March 8, 1740, his famous speech entitled "The Danger of an Unconverted Ministry" denounced his critics as hypocrites akin to Pharisees. This led to the New Side/Old Side schism the following year. He later attempted to reconcile the factions, which was accomplished in 1758.
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Gilbert Tennent portrait- Internet Archive- from Sermons and Essays by the Tennents and their Contemporaries
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Gilbert Tennent's Encyclopedia Britannica Biography
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