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Lutheran Family

Lutheran churches follow the teachings of 16th century reformer Martin Luther, particularly his teaching on justification by faith and scripture alone (sola scriptura). It is one of the most liturgical Protestant movements, along with Episcopalianism. Lutheranism is more prominent in the Midwestern United States, particularly among those with German and Scandinavian ancestry. Lutheran bodies include the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America and the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod.

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Adherence Rate per 1,000 (2020)

Congregations (2020)

Top 5 Lutheran Family States (2020)1 [View all states]

Rank State Adherents Adherence Rate
1 North Dakota 173,005 222.10
2 South Dakota 142,785 161.00
3 Minnesota 875,133 153.40
4 Wisconsin 722,802 122.60
5 Nebraska 206,057 105.10

Top 5 Lutheran Family Counties (2020)1 [View all counties]

Rank County Adherents Adherence Rate
1 Lac qui Parle County, Minnesota 4,824 718.00
2 Nelson County, North Dakota 2,094 694.50
3 Renville County, North Dakota 1,510 661.70
4 Steele County, North Dakota 1,133 630.10
5 Norman County, Minnesota 3,897 605.00

Top 5 Lutheran Family Metro Areas (2020)1 [View all Metro Areas]

Rank Metro Area Adherents Adherence Rate
1 Red Wing, MN Micro Area 19,854 417.30
2 Fairmont, MN Micro Area 8,079 403.40
3 Albert Lea, MN Micro Area 11,813 382.40
4 Hutchinson, MN Micro Area 13,681 372.10
5 New Ulm, MN Micro Area 9,538 368.10

Lutheran Family: Adherence Rates (1980 - 2020)1


1 The 2020 data were collected by the Association of Statisticians of American Religious Bodies (ASARB) and include data for 372 religious bodies or groups. Of these, the ASARB was able to gather data on congregations and adherents for 217 and on congregations only for 155. [More information on the data sources]

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