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North American Lutheran Church (2010 - Present) - Religious Group

Religious Family: Lutheran
Religious Tradition: Evangelical Protestant
Description: The North American Lutheran Church was founded in 2010 in Columbus, Ohio, at a Convocation organized by the church reform movement known as Lutheran CORE. The founding members came from several Lutheran bodies, though particularly from the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA). These founding members - many of whom were part of Lutheran CORE - felt that the ELCA had drifted away from some of the main priorities of Christian life. Originally, the new group consisted of 17 congregations, though that number had grown to over 400 six years later, in 2016.
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North American Lutheran Church: Congregations (2020)1

Top 5 North American Lutheran Church States (2020)1 [View all States]

Rank State Congregations Adherents Adherence Rate
1 Ohio 56 -- --
2 Pennsylvania 55 -- --
3 North Carolina 42 -- --
4 Texas 35 -- --
5 Iowa 34 -- --

Top 5 North American Lutheran Church Counties (2020)1 [View all Counties]

Rank County Congregations Adherents Adherence Rate
1 Rowan County, NC 8 -- --
2 Franklin County, OH 7 -- --
3 Armstrong County, PA 7 -- --
4 Champaign County, IL 6 -- --
5 Catawba County, NC 6 -- --

Top 5 North American Lutheran Church Metro Areas (2020)1 [View all Metro Areas]


1 The 2020 data were collected by the Association of Statisticians of American Religious Bodies (ASARB) and include data for 372 religious bodies or groups. Of these, the ASARB was able to gather data on congregations and adherents for 217 and on congregations only for 155. [More information on the data sources]

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