Who Is Your God by Paul Froese & Christopher Bader
High Engagement/High Judgment

What distinguishes believers in an Authoritative God is their strong conviction that God judges human behavior and sometimes acts on that judgment. Indeed, they feel that God can become very angry and is capable of meting out punishment to those who are unfaithful or ungodly. This judgment may be leveled on a large canvas via natural disasters or on a more personal scale through illness or misfortune. Within the Judeo-Christian tradition, this is the God of the Old Testament, who became incensed with the debaucheries of Sodom and Gomorrah and threatened to destroy both cities as Abraham begged for mercy.

Believers in an Authoritative God do not focus on the judgmental aspect of Godís character to the exclusion of more caring or compassionate characteristics. They are just as likely to see God as a loving Being as those with other conceptions of God. The difference is that these believers, show a greater tendency to think that God is also willing to judge and punish, and that the bad and good things that happen to us are likely of His making. As such, Americans with this perspective often view human suffering as the result of Divine Justice.

Approximately 31% of Americans believe in an Authoritative God

Most Americas believe in God. But what is God like?

Here Americans disagree.