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Afghanistan South-Central Asia 0.0027339
Akrotiri Western Asia
Albania Southern Europe 0.0003094
Algeria Northern Africa 0.004188
American Samoa Polynesia
Andorra Southern Europe 0.00000239
Angola Middle Africa 0.0024164
Anguilla Caribbean
Antarctica Antarctica
Antigua and Barbuda Caribbean 0.00000539
Argentina South America 0.0056534
Armenia Western Asia 0.0006372
Aruba Caribbean
Australia Australia/New Zealand 0.0072981
Austria Western Europe 0.0020231
Azerbaijan Western Asia 0.0014056
Bahamas, The Caribbean 0.0000249
Bahrain Western Asia 0.0005457
Bangladesh South-Central Asia 0.0074687
Barbados Caribbean 0.0000199
Belarus Eastern Europe 0.0019837
Belgium Western Europe 0.0029283
Belize Central America 0.0000196
Benin Western Africa 0.0004167
Bermuda Northern America
Bhutan South-Central Asia 0.0000482
Bolivia South America 0.001153
Bosnia and Herzegovina Southern Europe 0.0003801
Botswana Southern Africa 0.0001817
Bougainville Melanesia
Brazil South America 0.0250626
British Indian Ocean Territory Eastern Africa
British Virgin Islands Caribbean
Brunei South-Eastern Asia 0.0001601
Bulgaria Eastern Europe 0.0009875
Burkina Faso Western Africa 0.0007563
Burma (Myanmar) South-Eastern Asia 0.005629
Burundi Eastern Africa 0.0004779
Cambodia South-Eastern Asia 0.0015826
Cameroon Middle Africa 0.0012222
Canada Northern America 0.0091552
Cape Verde Western Africa 0.0000217
Caribbean Netherlands Caribbean
Cayman Islands Caribbean
Central African Republic Middle Africa 0.0002262
Chad Middle Africa 0.0006305
Channel Islands Northern Europe
Chile South America 0.0027141
China Eastern Asia 0.2181166
China-Tibet Eastern Asia
Christmas Island Australia/New Zealand
Cocos (Keeling) Islands Australia/New Zealand
Colombia South America 0.0066779
Comoros Eastern Africa 0.0000265
Congo, Democratic Republic of the Middle Africa 0.0047241
Congo, Republic of the Middle Africa 0.0004443
Cook Islands Polynesia
Costa Rica Central America 0.0002579
Cote d'Ivoire Western Africa 0.0013411
Croatia Southern Europe 0.0004986
Cuba Caribbean 0.0012781
Curacao Caribbean
Cyprus Western Asia 0.0001778
Czech Republic Eastern Europe 0.0017953
Denmark Northern Europe 0.0010774
Dhekelia Western Asia
Djibouti Eastern Africa 0.0001731
Dominica Caribbean 0.00000182
Dominican Republic Caribbean 0.00081
Ecuador South America 0.0015635
Egypt Northern Africa 0.0098926
El Salvador Central America 0.0004124
Equatorial Guinea Middle Africa 0.0000595
Eritrea Eastern Africa 0.0022433
Estonia Northern Europe 0.0001812
Ethiopia Eastern Africa 0.0038374
Falkland Islands (Islas Malvinas) South America
Faroe Islands Northern Europe
Fiji Melanesia 0.0000621
Finland Northern Europe 0.0015489
France Western Europe 0.0142069
French Guiana South America
French Polynesia Polynesia
Gabon Middle Africa 0.000186
Gambia, The Western Africa 0.0001077
Georgia Western Asia 0.000447
Germany Western Europe 0.0179105
Ghana Western Africa 0.0012461
Gibraltar Southern Europe
Greece Southern Europe 0.002971
Greenland Northern America
Grenada Caribbean 0.00000274
Guadeloupe Caribbean
Guam Micronesia (region)
Guatemala Central America 0.0008498
Guernsey Northern Europe
Guinea Western Africa 0.0006508
Guinea-Bissau Western Africa 0.0001168
Guyana South America 0.0000336
Haiti Caribbean 0.0005524
Honduras Central America 0.0005081
Hong Kong Eastern Asia
Hungary Eastern Europe 0.0011434
Iceland Northern Europe 0.0000308
India South-Central Asia 0.0808987
Indonesia South-Eastern Asia 0.0144468
Iran South-Central Asia 0.0157625
Iraq Western Asia 0.0062019
Ireland Northern Europe 0.0005377
Isle of Man Northern Europe
Israel Western Asia 0.0042498
Italy Southern Europe 0.0128479
Jamaica Caribbean 0.0001719
Japan Eastern Asia 0.035588
Jersey Northern Europe
Jordan Western Asia 0.0013935
Kazakhstan South-Central Asia 0.003103
Kenya Eastern Africa 0.0017948
Kiribati Micronesia (region) 0.00000242
Korea, (North) Democratic Republic of Eastern Asia 0.0132601
Korea, (South) Republic of Eastern Asia 0.0232122
Kosovo Southern Europe 0.0000855
Kuwait Western Asia 0.0017798
Kyrgyzstan South-Central Asia 0.0003326
Laos South-Eastern Asia 0.0004857
Latvia Northern Europe 0.0002933
Lebanon Western Asia 0.0009645
Lesotho Southern Africa 0.0000813
Liberia Western Africa 0.0002708
Libya Northern Africa 0.0010642
Liechtenstein Western Europe 0.0000021
Lithuania Northern Europe 0.0003944
Luxembourg Western Europe 0.0003069
Macau Eastern Asia
Macedonia Southern Europe 0.0002307
Madagascar Eastern Africa 0.0008653
Malawi Eastern Africa 0.0005616
Malaysia South-Eastern Asia 0.0045372
Maldives South-Central Asia 0.0000125
Mali Western Africa 0.0006186
Malta Southern Europe 0.0000341
Marshall Islands Micronesia (region) 0.00000136
Martinique Caribbean
Mauritania Western Africa 0.0003091
Mauritius Eastern Africa 0.0000477
Mayotte Eastern Africa
Mexico Central America 0.0150392
Micronesia, Federated States of Micronesia (region) 0.000012
Moldova Eastern Europe 0.0002345
Monaco Western Europe 0.00000199
Mongolia Eastern Asia 0.0003291
Montenegro Southern Europe 0.0000683
Montserrat Caribbean
Morocco Northern Africa 0.003883
Mozambique Eastern Africa 0.0012405
Namibia Southern Africa 0.0002004
Nauru Micronesia (region) 0.00000026
Nepal South-Central Asia 0.0015938
Netherlands Western Europe 0.0041365
New Caledonia Melanesia
New Zealand Australia/New Zealand 0.0008621
Nicaragua Central America 0.0003474
Niger Western Africa 0.0005847
Nigeria Western Africa 0.0090817
Niue Polynesia
Norfolk Island Australia/New Zealand
Northern Cyprus Western Asia
Northern Mariana Islands Micronesia (region)
Norway Northern Europe 0.0016982
Occupied Palestinian Territories Western Asia
Oman Western Asia 0.0016407
Pakistan South-Central Asia 0.0145536
Palau Micronesia (region) 0.000000591
Panama Central America 0.0002897
Papua New Guinea Melanesia 0.0002591
Paraguay South America 0.0005314
Peru South America 0.0033976
Philippines South-Eastern Asia 0.0056156
Pitcairn Islands Polynesia
Poland Eastern Europe 0.005493
Portugal Southern Europe 0.0017053
Puerto Rico Caribbean
Qatar Western Asia 0.0015054
Reunion Eastern Africa
Romania Eastern Europe 0.0023578
Russia Eastern Europe 0.0400789
Rwanda Eastern Africa 0.0006628
Saint Barthelemy Caribbean
Saint Helena Western Africa
Saint Kitts and Nevis Caribbean 0.00000147
Saint Lucia Caribbean 0.00000467
Saint Martin Caribbean
Saint Pierre and Miquelon Northern America
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Caribbean 0.00000273
Samoa Polynesia 0.00000476
San Marino Southern Europe 0.00000189
Sao Tome and Principe Middle Africa 0.00000716
Saudi Arabia Western Asia 0.0137426
Senegal Western Africa 0.0007411
Serbia Southern Europe 0.0008547
Seychelles Eastern Africa 0.00000357
Sierra Leone Western Africa 0.0003226
Singapore South-Eastern Asia 0.0030085
Sint Maarten Caribbean
Slovakia Eastern Europe 0.0010607
Slovenia Southern Europe 0.0002811
Solomon Islands Melanesia 0.0000134
Somalia Eastern Africa 0.0006865
Somaliland Eastern Africa
South Africa Southern Africa 0.0069406
South Sudan Eastern Africa 0.0017923
Spain Southern Europe 0.0081208
Spanish North Africa Northern Africa
Sri Lanka South-Central Asia 0.0021227
Sudan Northern Africa 0.0029977
Suriname South America 0.000049
Svalbard Northern Europe
Swaziland Southern Africa 0.0000579
Sweden Northern Europe 0.0021301
Switzerland Western Europe 0.0014276
Syria Western Asia 0.0048405
Taiwan Eastern Asia 0.0069907
Tajikistan South-Central Asia 0.0003635
Tanzania Eastern Africa 0.0021146
Thailand South-Eastern Asia 0.0077178
Timor-Leste South-Eastern Asia 0.0000417
Togo Western Africa 0.0003371
Tokelau Polynesia
Tonga Polynesia 0.00000253
Trinidad and Tobago Caribbean 0.0004905
Tunisia Northern Africa 0.000965
Turkey Western Asia 0.0152386
Turkmenistan South-Central Asia 0.0007789
Turks and Caicos Islands Caribbean
Tuvalu Polynesia 0.000000244
Uganda Eastern Africa 0.0015158
Ukraine Eastern Europe 0.0082312
United Arab Emirates Western Asia 0.0028829
United Kingdom Northern Europe 0.015277
United States (General) Northern America 0.1393526
Uruguay South America 0.0005186
Uzbekistan South-Central Asia 0.0026664
Vanuatu Melanesia 0.00000612
Vatican City Southern Europe
Venezuela South America 0.0049272
Vietnam South-Eastern Asia 0.0088437
Virgin Islands (U.S.) Caribbean
Wallis and Futuna Polynesia
Western Sahara Northern Africa
Yemen Western Asia 0.0017423
Zambia Eastern Africa 0.000812
Zimbabwe Eastern Africa 0.0008802


1 Military data is drawn from the National Material Capabilities (v4.0) dataset, which is a component of and hosted by the Correlates of War Project. The Correlates of War Project seeks to facilitate the collection, dissemination, and use of accurate and reliable quantitative data in international relations. Correlates of War data may be accessed through the above link. Used with permission.

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