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Variables: RAS3 Societal Discrimination of Minority Religions Summary (0-10, lower means less discrimination) (soc_10c)1

RAS3: Religious Discrimination (0-10)



soc_10c1 [X]

Afghanistan South-Central Asia 3.54838705062866
Akrotiri Western Asia
Albania Southern Europe 0
Algeria Northern Africa 1.45161294937134
American Samoa Polynesia
Andorra Southern Europe 0.161290317773819
Angola Middle Africa 0.483870953321457
Anguilla Caribbean
Antarctica Antarctica
Antigua and Barbuda Caribbean
Argentina South America 2.4193549156189
Armenia Western Asia 3.38709688186646
Aruba Caribbean
Australia Australia/New Zealand 2.09677410125732
Austria Western Europe 2.74193549156189
Azerbaijan Western Asia 1.29032254219055
Bahamas, The Caribbean 0
Bahrain Western Asia 2.4193549156189
Bangladesh South-Central Asia 2.4193549156189
Barbados Caribbean 0.322580635547638
Belarus Eastern Europe 2.09677410125732
Belgium Western Europe 4.35483884811401
Belize Central America 0
Benin Western Africa 0.161290317773819
Bermuda Northern America
Bhutan South-Central Asia 0.322580635547638
Bolivia South America 0.483870953321457
Bosnia and Herzegovina Southern Europe 3.87096762657166
Botswana Southern Africa 0
Bougainville Melanesia
Brazil South America 2.09677410125732
British Indian Ocean Territory Eastern Africa
British Virgin Islands Caribbean
Brunei South-Eastern Asia 0.645161271095276
Bulgaria Eastern Europe 3.70967745780945
Burkina Faso Western Africa 0
Burma (Myanmar) South-Eastern Asia 5
Burundi Eastern Africa 0
Cambodia South-Eastern Asia 0
Cameroon Middle Africa 0
Canada Northern America 2.25806450843811
Cape Verde Western Africa 0
Caribbean Netherlands Caribbean
Cayman Islands Caribbean
Central African Republic Middle Africa 2.90322589874268
Chad Middle Africa 0.161290317773819
Channel Islands Northern Europe
Chile South America 1.29032254219055
China Eastern Asia 0.483870953321457
China-Tibet Eastern Asia
Christmas Island Australia/New Zealand
Cocos (Keeling) Islands Australia/New Zealand
Colombia South America 0.806451618671417
Comoros Eastern Africa 1.29032254219055
Congo, Democratic Republic of the Middle Africa 0
Congo, Republic of the Middle Africa 0
Cook Islands Polynesia
Costa Rica Central America 0.322580635547638
Cote d'Ivoire Western Africa 0.322580635547638
Croatia Southern Europe 3.70967745780945
Cuba Caribbean 0.322580635547638
Curacao Caribbean
Cyprus Western Asia 1.77419352531433
Czech Republic Eastern Europe 2.74193549156189
Denmark Northern Europe 1.61290323734283
Dhekelia Western Asia
Djibouti Eastern Africa 0.967741906642914
Dominica Caribbean
Dominican Republic Caribbean 0.161290317773819
Ecuador South America 0.806451618671417
Egypt Northern Africa 10
El Salvador Central America 0
Equatorial Guinea Middle Africa 0
Eritrea Eastern Africa 0.161290317773819
Estonia Northern Europe 0
Ethiopia Eastern Africa 1.12903225421906
Falkland Islands (Islas Malvinas) South America
Faroe Islands Northern Europe
Fiji Melanesia 0.645161271095276
Finland Northern Europe 1.12903225421906
France Western Europe 5
French Guiana South America
French Polynesia Polynesia
Gabon Middle Africa 0
Gambia, The Western Africa 0.322580635547638
Georgia Western Asia 4.19354820251465
Germany Western Europe 5.16129016876221
Ghana Western Africa 0.161290317773819
Gibraltar Southern Europe
Greece Southern Europe 3.54838705062866
Greenland Northern America
Grenada Caribbean
Guadeloupe Caribbean
Guam Micronesia (region)
Guatemala Central America 0.645161271095276
Guernsey Northern Europe
Guinea Western Africa 0.322580635547638
Guinea-Bissau Western Africa 0
Guyana South America 0
Haiti Caribbean 0.645161271095276
Honduras Central America 0.161290317773819
Hong Kong Eastern Asia
Hungary Eastern Europe 1.93548381328583
Iceland Northern Europe 0.483870953321457
India South-Central Asia 4.03225803375244
Indonesia South-Eastern Asia 4.19354820251465
Iran South-Central Asia 4.03225803375244
Iraq Western Asia 6.61290311813354
Ireland Northern Europe 0.806451618671417
Isle of Man Northern Europe
Israel Western Asia 3.70967745780945
Italy Southern Europe 1.45161294937134
Jamaica Caribbean 0.161290317773819
Japan Eastern Asia 0.967741906642914
Jersey Northern Europe
Jordan Western Asia 1.61290323734283
Kazakhstan South-Central Asia 1.12903225421906
Kenya Eastern Africa 0.967741906642914
Kiribati Micronesia (region)
Korea, (North) Democratic Republic of Eastern Asia
Korea, (South) Republic of Eastern Asia
Kosovo Southern Europe 3.22580647468567
Kuwait Western Asia 1.29032254219055
Kyrgyzstan South-Central Asia 0.161290317773819
Laos South-Eastern Asia 0.645161271095276
Latvia Northern Europe 0.483870953321457
Lebanon Western Asia 3.22580647468567
Lesotho Southern Africa 0
Liberia Western Africa 0.161290317773819
Libya Northern Africa 3.54838705062866
Liechtenstein Western Europe 0.806451618671417
Lithuania Northern Europe 0.806451618671417
Luxembourg Western Europe 0.161290317773819
Macau Eastern Asia
Macedonia Southern Europe 0.322580635547638
Madagascar Eastern Africa 0.322580635547638
Malawi Eastern Africa 0
Malaysia South-Eastern Asia 1.45161294937134
Maldives South-Central Asia 0.322580635547638
Mali Western Africa 0
Malta Southern Europe 0.645161271095276
Marshall Islands Micronesia (region)
Martinique Caribbean
Mauritania Western Africa 0
Mauritius Eastern Africa 0
Mayotte Eastern Africa
Mexico Central America 2.25806450843811
Micronesia, Federated States of Micronesia (region)
Moldova Eastern Europe 2.5806450843811
Monaco Western Europe
Mongolia Eastern Asia 0.806451618671417
Montenegro Southern Europe 0.483870953321457
Montserrat Caribbean
Morocco Northern Africa 0.967741906642914
Mozambique Eastern Africa 0
Namibia Southern Africa 0
Nauru Micronesia (region)
Nepal South-Central Asia 0.806451618671417
Netherlands Western Europe 2.09677410125732
New Caledonia Melanesia
New Zealand Australia/New Zealand 0.483870953321457
Nicaragua Central America 0
Niger Western Africa 0
Nigeria Western Africa 4.19354820251465
Niue Polynesia
Norfolk Island Australia/New Zealand
Northern Cyprus Western Asia 0.806451618671417
Northern Mariana Islands Micronesia (region)
Norway Northern Europe 1.12903225421906
Occupied Palestinian Territories Western Asia
Oman Western Asia 0.322580635547638
Pakistan South-Central Asia 8.06451606750488
Palau Micronesia (region)
Panama Central America 0.322580635547638
Papua New Guinea Melanesia 0
Paraguay South America 0
Peru South America 0.161290317773819
Philippines South-Eastern Asia 0.806451618671417
Pitcairn Islands Polynesia
Poland Eastern Europe 1.93548381328583
Portugal Southern Europe 0.161290317773819
Puerto Rico Caribbean
Qatar Western Asia 0.322580635547638
Reunion Eastern Africa
Romania Eastern Europe 3.22580647468567
Russia Eastern Europe 4.19354820251465
Rwanda Eastern Africa 0
Saint Barthelemy Caribbean
Saint Helena Western Africa
Saint Kitts and Nevis Caribbean
Saint Lucia Caribbean
Saint Martin Caribbean
Saint Pierre and Miquelon Northern America
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Caribbean
Samoa Polynesia
San Marino Southern Europe
Sao Tome and Principe Middle Africa
Saudi Arabia Western Asia 1.77419352531433
Senegal Western Africa 0.322580635547638
Serbia Southern Europe 0.967741906642914
Seychelles Eastern Africa
Sierra Leone Western Africa 0
Singapore South-Eastern Asia 0
Sint Maarten Caribbean
Slovakia Eastern Europe 0.967741906642914
Slovenia Southern Europe 0.483870953321457
Solomon Islands Melanesia 0.161290317773819
Somalia Eastern Africa 1.61290323734283
Somaliland Eastern Africa
South Africa Southern Africa 1.77419352531433
South Sudan Eastern Africa
Spain Southern Europe 0.967741906642914
Spanish North Africa Northern Africa
Sri Lanka South-Central Asia 4.19354820251465
Sudan Northern Africa 1.93548381328583
Suriname South America 0
Svalbard Northern Europe
Swaziland Southern Africa 0.322580635547638
Sweden Northern Europe 2.25806450843811
Switzerland Western Europe 1.61290323734283
Syria Western Asia 0.967741906642914
Taiwan Eastern Asia 0.322580635547638
Tajikistan South-Central Asia 0.161290317773819
Tanzania Eastern Africa 0.161290317773819
Thailand South-Eastern Asia 1.12903225421906
Timor-Leste South-Eastern Asia 1.93548381328583
Togo Western Africa 0
Tokelau Polynesia
Tonga Polynesia
Trinidad and Tobago Caribbean 0
Tunisia Northern Africa 2.90322589874268
Turkey Western Asia 3.38709688186646
Turkmenistan South-Central Asia 0.322580635547638
Turks and Caicos Islands Caribbean
Tuvalu Polynesia
Uganda Eastern Africa 0.483870953321457
Ukraine Eastern Europe 2.5806450843811
United Arab Emirates Western Asia 0.483870953321457
United Kingdom Northern Europe 2.90322589874268
United States (General) Northern America 3.54838705062866
Uruguay South America 0.806451618671417
Uzbekistan South-Central Asia 0.161290317773819
Vanuatu Melanesia 0
Vatican City Southern Europe
Venezuela South America 1.29032254219055
Vietnam South-Eastern Asia 0.645161271095276
Virgin Islands (U.S.) Caribbean
Wallis and Futuna Polynesia
Western Sahara Northern Africa 0.645161271095276
Yemen Western Asia 3.54838705062866
Zambia Eastern Africa 0.161290317773819
Zimbabwe Eastern Africa 0.322580635547638


1 The Religion and State (RAS) Project is a university-based project located at Bar Ilan University in Ramat Gan, Israel and is directed by Jonathan Fox. Round 3 of the RAS includes all countries with populations of 250,000 or more as well as a sampling of smaller states and offers annual measures from 1990 to 2014. The methods used for conducting the RAS3 collection and the complete codebook can be reviewed online. Or, the codebook and data file can be downloaded free of charge here. For details on how the RAS indexes reported on the ARDA’s National Profiles were coded, constructed, and placed into categories, click here.

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