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Data Archive

Browse or download 1,000+ data files free of charge.

Measurement Wizard

Explore single-item measures and scales for hundreds of concepts.

U.S. Congregational Membership Reports

Reports for counties, metro areas and states.

Enter a zip code or city and state [e.g. Seattle, WA]:

Congregational QuickStats

Browse the results from a major national survey of congregations.

Compare Yourself

See how you compare to the U.S. population:

Religious Preference:    

Interactive Timelines

Text, pictures, and graphics, show the history of American religion.

Syntax Repository

Download syntax files and recreate popular religious schemes in survey data.

Community Profile Builder

Map congregations and create a religious and demographic profile for your community!


Find definitions for hundreds of religious terms.


Review rank-ordered data on religion in the U.S. and around the world.

National Profiles

Select a country to view its religious, demographic and social profile:

Religious Groups

Review detailed information and family trees for more than 600 religious groups.

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